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My old hardwood + acrylic watercooled PC case

September 19, 2008

My second custom wood case, this one was designed specifically around my watercooling rig at the time.   It was pretty compact, especially considering everything that was packed into it (Dual 120mm radiator, pump, water reservoir, 3 HDDs, full ATX motherboard).  With all that water, 3/4 oak case, and a 1/4 steel plate HDD mounting bracket; it weighed roughly a metric ton…

These photos were taken just before I sold it.  I still kick myself for not taking any good pictures when it was in its prime; the red acrylic sandwiched front & back is UV reactive, as was the dye in the coolant. All the coolant hoses, drive data cables, and decals all glowed a nice, molten red through the cover… it was pretty sweet looking. Hard to describe, but it was very different from other case lighting mods.

Not present in these shots is a  matching cover for the drive bay, which made the drive completely invisible.  Still possibly the cleanest-looking case I’ve ever seen.




Somebody snapped a corner of the smoked acrylic cover at a Lan party, which you can see above… almost cried over that one.